A Place Pepared

For those of us who have known the gospel since childhood, the words of Jesus, “I go to prepare a place for you” are so familiar that we are at risk of missing the amazing grace they display. I am living in a parable that prompts me to reflect on these words of Jesus.

My parable, a real life story happening for me today, finds me watching my friend design her home. I am not surprised by her making her living room into a theater with red velvet curtains covering one wall. I am not surprised that helping her pets feel at home drives the arrangement of rooms.

What brings tears to my eyes is her plans for the guest room, which has formerly been known as the master bedroom. She has planned it and everything in it especially for me. She is the only one who would know the little things that will make it feel like mine.

Well, maybe she isn’t the only one. Maybe she is representing the One Who knows, cares and is preparing a place for me.

Let’s thank God today for the friends, whose stories make God and eternity easier to grasp.

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