Lessons from a Water Lily

A koi pond needs lots of plants. They provide shade and a hiding place for fish as well as being a help in stabilizing the water. Last winter was not kind to my plants and this spring didn’t give me time to focus on the pond. It has been on a long list of “to do” things and has finally reached the top of the list.

A trip to the aquatic farm is always fun. I chose 3 breath taking lilies and 4 fish. Because my koi pond has two levels, with the middle being the deepest, I asked for advice on where to place the plants. I was told to put them in the deepest part even though that would leave them completely underwater.

Using a pole under the plant hanger I carefully lowered the plants in the deep water. I wondered if they would drown but I knew the people at the aquatic farm knew more about pond plants than I did. To my amazement, the lilies grew about 18 inches in two days and are now happily floating on top of the water.

When Jesus said He wanted to give us abundant life was He inviting us to soak in Him, go deep with Him and trust that, in so doing, we will not drown but flourish?

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