It’s Screaming for Color!!!



I have learned much these past weeks as I have watched my friend, who is an artist, chose a new home.


Some of the houses held promise by their clever descriptions and web based photo gallery. Once on site, my friend needed only a minute to know that we needed to look further.


Then we found one that caught her eye. I applauded her choice and complemented her for finding one that was “turn key” ready. (Nothing needed to be done to it, or so I thought.)


My friend remained quiet until we knew that the potential obstacles to the sale had been cleared.


Once she knew it would be hers the mental decorating began. The place is “screaming for color” she explained as she came home from a shopping trip with a 5 foot red giraffe, 10 red bar stools, wall décor that stops you in your tracks, yellow deck chairs and brilliant umbrellas.


I love to see the world through the eyes of my friend.


I wonder if, when God looks at me, He thinks, “she is screaming for color.”

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