The Comfort of an Advocate

I have had a month of legal and logistical pressure. I have found myself in places of tension with city ordinances, building inspectors, insurance adjustors, real estate offers, amendments, banking legislations and…

I have had a month of placing phone calls received by a machine that doesn’t return calls, trying to decide which number to select to connect me with a person rather than more scripted computer options…

All of this has left me with feelings of abandonment…

BUT, THEN, I encountered an advocate.  He not only carefully listened but he calmly and competently lifted the load from my shoulders and transferred it to his.

His relaxed mannerisms and his verbal communication assured me that this load was not heavy for him. There would be no financial cost to me. He actually thanked me for allowing him to take on my burden.

In John’s first letter, chapter two, he assures us that we have an advocate with the Father. I am thankful, today, for a picture of this advocate. I thank God for the people in my life that are a reflection of Jesus.

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