Tracking Adventures

It’s fun to go to a nature center and learn how to recognize footprints and from them learn behavior patterns of various creatures. Some tracks are deep and clear. The number of toes, the strength of the impression and the pattern of movement make identification easy. Other prints are faint. You really have to know the animal to trust that you are identifying correctly. Sometimes you lose the trail completely.

As I consider my own faith through aging eyes I remember the times when God’s footprints were unmistakable in my life. I am glad for these times and for the ability I have to reason from them when my spirit doubts.

I also remember the times when I borrowed the words of William Cowper and said, “He plants his footprints in the sea and rides upon the storm.”

It is when His footprints are in the sea that knowing His nature sustains faith. Faith is being certain of what you cannot see.

Are you in a season of not being able to track the footprints of God?

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