My Son Came Home!!!

Her radiant face spoke more loudly than the words that flowed. “It was 8:30 in the morning when the door bell rang. I couldn’t imagine who would be at our house at that time. I opened the door and there stood my son!”

Does anything bring more joy to a mother than for one of her children to arrive unannounced on Mother’s Day Weekend? This could have been a tough weekend for this mother. Her own mother died less than a year ago. This son was many states away serving in military duty and her daughter on another continent. But all potential sadness faded when she saw the face of her son. He had come home and he would be spending the weekend with her.
There was joy in the telling of this story to others.

Can we borrow this picture and remind ourselves that God loves us so much that He is delighted when we plan to spend time with Him, sacrifice something else in order to be with Him, tell Him the things that are too big or too little to tell to anyone else. Just sit and listen as He talks to us?
Let’s just show up and catch God’s smile!

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