An Unexpected Answer to Prayer

On Saturday I went out to our camper to spend a day with God. Reading Psalm 13 from the Amplified Bible I was stopped at this phrase “lighten the eyes of my faith to behold Your face in the pitch-like darkness.” I pondered that for a long time and really wanted to see a vision of God’s face, but did not. 

Then on Sunday morning I was stopped by a man whom,others and I had helped with securing transportation to a job interview. He was looking for me so he could tell me that he had gotten the job. He was overflowing with gratitude. He commented that he planned to stay in a shelter until he gets his first paycheck.

The next day as I thought about this man, I realized that in his face, I had seen the face of Jesus. Someday, Jesus will say, “I was hungry and you fed me, I needed a place to sleep and you found one for me.  My name was    (this man)    .”

We have been able to secure an apartment for him for two months since the shelter he had planned to stay in is full. Yesterday he prayed with me and surrendered his life to Christ.

I am eager to watch this story unfold.

What thoughts does this story stir in you? Where have you seen the face of God?

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