By Shirlee Vandegrift

The word ‘scared’ should not have a place in the mind and mouth life of a believer, should it?  Nor should the words ‘why’, ‘why me’, ‘why them’ or any other words that indicate unbelief.

I have been struggling with a few of those words recently as I witness a friend with unremitting pain that has not been diagnosed well enough for proper treatment.  If you have been in this situation you know that pain can change you.  You know that it can become all consuming.  You can’t sleep or get comfortable or concentrate.  A normally sunny disposition can get lost in the dark clouds of the hurt.  Sometimes family and friends get hurt from the fallout.  At times we are scared.  What can we do?

In a desire to help my friend I do the only thing I can do.  I pray.

I say,

Gentle God,

When I am not experiencing discomfort give me sensitivity to those who are.  Help me not to judge the hurting.  If they begin to wonder where You are give me words that will assure them that You haven’t moved away from their side, nor have I.  If I begin to wonder where You are, forgive me.  If it is Your will to be quiet for a time give us the patience to wait for Your answer.  If there is no answer now, give us trust.  And Father, You can take away the pain.  We would like that.  For Your glory.



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2 Responses to Scared?

  1. Ginni Schom says:

    I too, know someone who is in constant pain. Sometimes you just don’t know what more to pray for. Thank you for your reassuring prayer. I know He has a reason and I know He is the outcome.

  2. Roselyn says:

    I am glad you chose “Gentle” as your description of God. I find it harder to trust God’s gentleness when the suffering is that which I watch rather than that which i experience. Powerlessness to anguishing when our children or others we love cry for mercy with no discernible response. Thank you for taking my hand when I am scared and helping me grasp the nail scarred Hand. Let’s learn to help each other strengthen our faith in the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

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