When Did We See You Hungry?

The picture that Jesus uses in Matthew 25 where He says that when you feed the hungry you are actually feeding Him has always been impactful to me. I have often taken refuge in the phrase “whatever you did for one of these.” That measurement makes the task more doable. I can feed one, clothe one, or visit one sick person. Yet, I don’t find the little I do very comforting when I look around my home and see that I have accumulated more than I would need to live well.

The challenge has increased now that I am working with a benevolence ministry where we are stewarding contributions that people are “giving to God’s work” and distributing these funds to those who come hungry. I believe that some of those who come are those that Jesus will reference when He says to me, “I was hungry and you fed me.” It is also true that some who come asking for practical help would actually be better off if we confront poor choices and help them manage their life.

God has sent us a highly qualified team for this work. I can refer to this team and know that each story will be listened to and trusted discernment will guide us. But, there is danger here that we don’t start to depend on ourselves. We need to listen to each story on our knees and borrow the words of the Old Testament king who said we don’t know what to do but our eyes are on You.

The decisions we make will matter for eternity. God, help us to recognize when You are hungry. Thank you for honoring the hungry, naked, stranger and sick so highly that you borrow their identity.

When have you seen Jesus hungry this week?

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