I am trying to live a more healthy life. One of the components I am considering is diet. This week I have tried and failed to observe a three-day cleansing fast. The instructions included eliminating meat, wheat, gluten, sugar, processed foods, and coffee. This leaves fruits and vegetables but it is very hard to find fruit without sugar. Fruit juice can be found without added sugar but the pure fruit juice is loaded with sugar of its own.

My problem was that I woke up on the second morning with a pounding headache. This was easily resolved by drinking a cup of coffee. So, having failed I decided to do a partial fast.

Today I grated zucchini and sautéed it in olive oil. I then added brown rice. I was very proud of this effort and eager to taste it. Sadly, it tasted like shredded cardboard. BUT THEN, I spread it with a thick layer of butter and finished my bowl with a smile on my face.

When you check with your health care provider about what foods are allowed and which ones to eliminate don’t mention butter!!!

NOTE: This post is written in fun, not as credible nutritional advice.

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  1. Mary says:

    I can totally relate, Roselyn. Butter makes everything taste better!!

  2. Sherry Bennett says:

    “…eliminating meat, wheat, gluten, sugar, processed foods, and coffee”…hmmmm…this is how I eat every day!!! 🙂

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