Praying for or with Others

Sometimes we may want to pray with or for someone but are not sure how to start. Here are some thoughts.

I am grateful that I can pray for someone at anytime. No one but God needs to know.

The privilege of praying with someone is one in which it is respectful to ask permission. If the person says, “No”, we can say, “Thank you for trusting me with an honest answer.” We do not know what prayer may mean to that person or what the past experience of being prayed with has meant.

Sometimes, on a hospital visit, I will ask, “Would it be better if I pray with you now or for you after I leave?” This let’s the person know that prayers will be prayed but gives freedom to choose how and when.

Some relationships are so familiar that the conversation can change from the person to God without notice. This acknowledges God’s Presence and involvement.  I hope you have a friend with whom prayer is this natural.

What are you learning about prayer?

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