Trading Rubber Plant Places

I wrote about the Rubber Plant Doctor in October of 2011. That story explains why I have three rubber plants in my living room. I hope you scroll back and read about it.

Now it is four months later and all three plants are living. They are, actually, more than living. Each plant is showing evidence of new growth, but they are not thriving equally.

The one at the east window is fun to check. Not only are there new sprigs from the soil, but also several red shoots from the leaf stems and even bursts of life along the tough old stalks. That plant can’t seem to find enough ways to celebrate.

The one in the corner takes less time to check. There are some new sprigs but the main plant is basically unchanged. It does not have access to direct sun.

The one at the south window is flourishing at a rate that falls between the two described above. Better than the second description but not as good as the first.

I have three friends. The first one seems to live in sunshine. She is always celebrating something. The second one is painted into a corner. Her life is a struggle. The third one is managing. She has neither the advantages of the first nor the burdens of the second.

This week I am going to ensure that the rubber plants trade places. I am going to move them into each other’s space for a season.  If I do this periodically maybe they will each get what they need.

I don’t have the power to make the lives of my three friends fair.

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