Whose Wrinkled Arm Is This?

If someone were to ask me if I knew I was getting older I would say, “Of course.”

In fact, I have given talks that include the perspective that our bodies are only designed for temporary use. We will all reach a time when some body part will start working poorly or stop working all together. This will eventually happen even if we are dedicated in our efforts to exercise, eat well and live a healthy life. Living in this body, as we experience it today, is not designed to be permanent

So, why is it, that this morning when I examined the palm of my hand and let my eyes travel to the crease of my elbow I was stunned to find a wrinkled arm?

I am really interested in your thoughts.

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1 Response to Whose Wrinkled Arm Is This?

  1. Jody Kanters says:

    I’m still chuckling over this post. Having just turned 60, I am in that time of life when I’m having to face things that I was sure would never happen to me. When I pass a store window that reflects my image walking by, my fleeting thought is, “boy, she ought to do something”. Then I realize it’s me.
    I do understand that we age and our bodies droop, sag and otherwise betray us. But it’s new to me. I’m more used to, and really have only experienced, youth and middle age. I became adapted to it. I liked it. I was getting used to it. It fit me.
    Then I noticed things. Felt things. One can only live in denial for so long. I had grandchildren and they are no longer babies. I was offered senior discounts. You get it.
    I was reminded the other day of something that helped me.
    “I am a spirit, I have a soul, and I live in a body.”
    My mind identifies with the young me. I feel the same on the inside. I want to run, and jump for joy, and stay up until 10! I want to eat too much chocolate, giggle with my girlfriends and drive at night!
    Not only does my Father have a sense of humor, but He seems to have built in to every aspect of this life that it’s not about me. That He is the only constant.
    I praise Him because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!!!! I think that includes every part of life!
    And I’m trying not to be disappointed in this body, or hold a grudge for how it is obeying the second law of thermodynamics.

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