Leave Room for Mystery in Prayer

We have a web page now that brings up a page where a prayer request can be written, and with one click, it will reach someone who will pray and ask others to pray.

I received an email this week from a person who had tried to use this ,but added to the anguish of his prayer request, was the frustration that the message would not send. The writer detailed his prayer request and asked that I attend to the failed site on our web page.

I forwarded the prayer request to the appropriate person and emailed out communications team to check the web page. The answer I received: I tried the web page and it is working perfectly. I think this person needed to speak to a person.

I thank God that those who are gifted in technology can still recognize mystery.

This man was reached by phone and personally prayed with.

If something doesn’t work might it be that God has another plan?

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