Asking Good Questions

A friend recently asked, “What does it mean to call God personal?”

I answered: For me it means hope. God is real in a way that makes Him knowable to me, even if that knowing is like a sliver from an oak tree. He really feels, He really responds, He is really making me into who He originally meant me to be. Then I will be able to fully enjoy a personal relationship with him. To be personal is to be relational, something that we strive for and stumble at here. It means there will then be an answer to loneliness.

I am glad my friend asked the question.

I am glad that I was prompted to think about it, search my mind and heart and answer. The dialogue, though all by way of technology, nurtured my soul.

Do you have anyone who asks good questions? Do you ask good questions? Do you have any good questions for me?

I will watch for your comments.

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1 Response to Asking Good Questions

  1. Anonymous says:

    I once read that you are only as sick as your secrets. I need to tell someone my secrets, but i need that person to be accepting and compassionate. I need to know that I won’t be rejected or looked down upon. For me, a personal God listens to my secrets, and enables me to move forward.

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