Am I Dragging My Ram?

The story of Abraham trusting God so completely that he is willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, is one that never fails to challenge me. How can any parent be asked to give their son as a sacrifice? In this case, how can God ask that the one chance for His own promise to be kept be sabotaged?

I have learned that Abraham and Isaac are a picture of God the Father and his only Son our Lord Jesus Christ. I have learned that Abraham’s obedience is a type of test that credits him with faith.

I know that God is a jealous God and He insists on my trust. This means He may ask me to sacrifice that which is most precious to me. Sometimes I am able to start the journey up the mountain in order to demonstrate my absolute surrender. I find, though, that I get very tired as I travel. I wonder, am I dragging my own ram just in case God doesn’t show up?

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