God Is Paying Attention!

We had a first time attendee in our prayer group this week. He is a middle-aged man with prophetic gifts. The group is led by a grandmother in her 80’s. This grandmother poured out her heart’s concern regarding her grandson who is giving an engagement ring this Christmas to a girl who is not yet a disciple of Jesus Christ. As prayers continued to be verbalized the new comer remained head bowed and silent. At one point, the grandmother leader thanked God for this new attendee and then tenderly asked God to pay special attention to his prayers.

At the end of the prayer time, the new attendee told the grandmother leader that during this hour he had  been silently praying for her grandson and girlfriend. God had given him a picture of this girlfriend coming to faith in Jesus Christ and being powerfully used in the kingdom of God. Just as this new attendee was thanking God for this promise revealed, the grandmother prayed that God would pay special attention to the prayers of this man.

Our God is paying attention and weaving our prayers.  We bow in humble gratitude for the adventure of prayer.

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