She Is Walking!!!

She came to our Senior Adult prayer meeting. I did not know this woman but I had met her in our prayer room during our weekend worship services. I knew she was from a Middle Eastern country, married to a citizen of that country, and visiting here because her mother was in ill health.

As I welcomed her to the meeting I asked her what had prompted her to come. She said she had hoped we would pray for her mother. She joined a small group where prayer requests were shared and prayers prayed.

The next day she came back to our Senior Adult Fellowship meeting. I was told I needed to talk to her because she had a story to tell. I hope someday to be in a faith posture where this kind of story fails to stun me but today I stand amazed.

She told me that when she got home from the prayer meeting, her mother’s face was glowing. Her mother then got out of her wheelchair and walked. (She had not walked for 5 years.) The family ran to assist her but she pushed them away saying, “Don’t help me, I can walk.” One family member got out a camera to take a video.

After sharing this with the whole fellowship group, this daughter and I sat together for the teaching. After the message I felt compelled to hear her God story. As we talked I learned that she considered herself a Christian by background and was working on knowing Jesus personally. I wanted to be sure that she knew how to access the God whom we had encountered. Her heart was ready to surrender her life to Jesus and invite Him to live His life through her by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This mother is walking physically. This daughter is walking by faith. I hope this week to introduce this mother to the God who healed her.

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