Jumper Cable for Prayer

Sometimes it is very hard to pray. It could be because of a broken heart, dashed dreams, or simple fatigue. Maybe the prayer seems to have been prayed so long that expectations for an answer have faded.

I drew a circle this morning and cut it into 6 pieces. It looks like a pie. I labeled the pieces with these headings: Passionate Love, Heartbroken Disappointment, Humble Gratitude, Terrifying Doubt, Unbridled Anger and Bedrock Trust. They seem like strange bed partners but each of the six have shaped my prayers today.

I wonder what words you would use to describe the content and theme of your prayer?

But then there are the days when the prayer won’t even start. I have found help in the sequence of Psalm 27: v 6&7. David sings to God before he talks to God.

Sometimes a hymnbook can be a jumper cable for spoken prayer.

What jumper cables have you discovered?

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