A Romantic Marriage Proposal

It was twenty years ago that my husband asked me to marry him. He had put a lot of thought into making it a romantic event. We were out for dinner at a restaurant that rotated at the top of a high-rise hotel.  Care was taken to ensure that there were flowers on our table and a bottle of champagne was ordered.

The question was asked in three parts and I answered, “yes” to all three, but I think my husband had only planned to ask the first two.

He knelt down on one knee and asked, “Do you love me?” This was followed by, “Will you marry me?” Having settled those two issues he still maintained his kneeling position. Finally, he asked the last question. “Will you help me up?”

I think he may have submitted our honeymoon to Medicare but the claim was denied. I suppose it was not medically necessary.

What stories do you have of marrying later in life?

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