A Spectacular Color Show

When you plan a weather dependent event and the elements cooperate perfectly you may be asked if you had placed a special order requesting these conditions.  This was my experience last Friday as we held our Senior Adult Prayer Retreat at a local nature center.

A gentle breeze encourages the shedding of leaves as the sun reflects the blazing glory of the autumn colors. The temperature and humidity are perfect for walking the trails and eating a picnic lunch.

Our prayer and praise sessions are being held in a comfortable room with glass walls. It is quite natural to acknowledge our Creator and marvel at His work.

As I lead from a podium in the center of the room I recognize that most of the participants are in the autumn of their lives.  Most are familiar with grief and acquainted with suffering. Many left the comforts of a known environment to join me for the adventure of a day together listening to God. We celebrate God speaking to us through His work, His world, His works and His whispers.

Many of the physical bodies are evidencing the wear and tear of years. The Bible tells us that outwardly we are wasting away. Yet, that is not our focus. Faces are glowing with the joy of worship. Tears are gently shed as the Holy Spirit breathes on hearts.

We stand amazed that our Creator is genuinely interested in talking to us and listening. The created world is showcased by the care and nurture of the nature center staff. The hearts of those who have known the loving care of Jesus are showcased as they worship.

Autumn is ablaze with His Glory!!!!

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