Maybe I Can Bring a Smile

A friend of mine is in the process of aligning her income to her lifestyle. If being a Senior Adult were an academy she would be in pre-school, in other words, she is younger than I am.

A few weeks ago she accepted an offer on her “for sale” condo. In this market, you are glad to break even, and she is. So now where does she move? She told me that she was considering an apartment in a Senior Living Center. Because this particular place is where we have significant ministry my immediate response was “Maybe this is your mission field?”

With refreshing honesty my friend confided to me that the environment of the Senior Living Center did not feel like a “fit.” She would have much preferred a duplex with young families near by. Yet, she feels this Senior Living Center is where God is leading her. She has come to understand that this will not be her “home.” She knows that she is dwelling in Jesus and the journey is her home.

I often sign my letters to Senior Adults, “Thank you for the privilege of being your pastor as you continue to be my teacher.”  I am thankful for this teacher. She concluded our conversation by saying, “Maybe I can bring a smile?”

Where is your mission field? Are you bringing a smile?

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