Uncrushable Memory Faith

I called my friend tonight to ask what she has learned about her son’s diagnostic work up. She had already told me that he had a lump on his neck and that a needle biopsy had revealed cancer.  We were waiting now to learn what a team of doctors was determining regarding the origin, type and extent.

The tone and guardedness of her voice betrayed her awareness.  Even though her son had asked her not to look it up on the Internet, she had yielded to her need to know and read about this dreaded disease.

The depth of our friendship drew me into her heart. I listened intently to her efforts to describe what the treatment plan will be. I wanted to say something hopeful, but knew I needed to meet her in the reality of today and the unknown of tomorrow.

We prayed together on the phone asking God to give us a picture of Jesus holding her son in His arms.  We reminded each other that we embrace grace as it is released to us.

As we talked I noticed my friend’s voice gaining strength. She reminded me that if we didn’t have the background to get ready for this it would be so much harder.

She talked about her memories of watching her parents walk well as they cared for her brother with profound congenital disability. She remembered that they had lived out their faith in Christ as people watched their life.

Our conversation ended with her confident declaration that we will come out victorious.  Now I opened my computer. I was looking for the name of a material that will regain its shape even after it is pressed down. I found a description of a pillow made of uncrushable memory foam.

I am thankful for a friend with uncrushable memory faith.

Are we building a foundation of faith that is getting us ready for whatever life will bring? Will we be able to someday say that if we didn’t have the background to get ready for “this” it would be so much harder?

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