Resting with Jesus

I asked her if she would pray with me before she went back to India.

She is my friend’s mother. She has been a missionary in her native India for decades. Every summer she spends time here with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. This gives me a chance to see God through the eyes of someone who has grown to know and love Him from another culture.

I am always surprised when I hug her to be reminded of how short she is. I don’t think of her as little because there is power in her presence, in her speech and in her prayers.

I arrived at her daughter’s home for this requested time of prayer.  As the three of us settled into seats in the living room the mother picked up her chair and moved it towards mine. “I want to be closer to you,” she said.

Somehow our conversation drifted toward waking up in the morning in the presence of Jesus. I listened attentively to this perspective.

Just BE with Jesus when you wake up. You can talk to Him or you can just BE still. Just REST on his lap the way a child falls asleep on her father’s lap. If you are reading and you fall asleep that is OK.

After you have had this time of BEING with Jesus you will start the day refreshed. Then you don’t need to worry about what you are supposed to DO. He will have everything under His control. You can just ENJOY THE SHOW.

She prayed for me talking intimately with expectancy to the God Who has sustained her as a widow, is giving her strength to serve him with vigor and reveals Himself through her faith.

A few days after she left for India I asked her daughter about her trip home. “Oh,” she said, “ Mom is covered with a kind of travel grace. Something always happens. This time she was seated in row with two men. The stewardess came and asked the men if she could move them to other seats. After the men moved, pillows and blankets were brought and Mom stretched out and slept the whole trip.”

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