The Road to Our Lord

In this post I am including a letter I received recently in response to Hedvig’s story. The writer of this letter is Hedvig’s niece in Norway. She is speaking of the impending death of her mother, who is Hedvig’s sister.

Dear Roselyn!

Yesterday I visited your blog and read about your visit with Aunt Hedvig. You are good at describing so I can see everything for me. Mum and Aunt Hedvig did have the same relationship to God. These last days mum has started on the road to our Lord. The three last weeks have been difficult for my mom. She has gone from coping quite well, to be totally depend on other people. The sight and the physical has been very poor. But the mind is clear. Now she only won’t to go home to God, even though it`s hard to leave all her.

These two “Ladies” have had å pride and dignity in them. Something I can see they have from my grandma. So they have a legacy that is worth to take for us. (End of letter)

I have never heard a more beautiful way to say someone is dying than “These last days mum has started on the road to our Lord.”

I spoke with the writer of this letter this morning on Skype and remembered a conversation I had a few years ago with her mother. I said the water along the southern coast of Norway, where their home is located, is ice cold, too cold for swimming. Oh no, the mother in her late 80’s responded. That shock is good for your body. I swim every day.

It must be true, as good health has sustained her into her 90’s. But, even Norwegian bodies have limits!! Her Mom is in a hospital now and her breathing is a sign that her life in this tent may be hours or may be days. With deep conviction she was able to tell her great-granddaughter that she will soon be with her best friend, Jesus.

I reminded the family that meeting Jesus will not be a shock for this family pillar. She has been His close companion here on earth. She will only now see the face for the voice that she knows so well.

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