Freedom to Finish Last

I have registered for the Power Walk competition sponsored by Wisconsin Senior Olympics which will be held at the Milwaukee County Zoo in just a few days. I am excited to be a part of this event and am looking forward to meeting other seniors and encouraging them in their efforts. I have invited the Senior Adults that I work with at our church to come and cheer for me.

A friend who actually competes in 5K runs is going to walk with me. She is making us shirts that will display the address for this blog!!

I want to do my best in this competition. As I walked my usual route through our neighborhood tonight I tried to increase my pace a little. But as I did, the realization hit me that I will still be happy if I finish last.

This is a major shift in thinking for me. Having recently attended my high school reunion, I was reminded that I was the valedictorian of my class. As I look back on those days I wonder why it was so important to me that I get all A’s. I was driven to be the best back then.

If I were a high school freshman now I would invest some of the energy I spent studying into relationships. I would let my classmate who had given me a diamond ring when I was five years old see that I hadn’t grown too serious to have fun and make life fun for him.

Reflective lessons can lead to regret or resolve. I am glad tonight that I am able to enter a new field of competition. I am glad that I have the freedom to finish last. I will post another blog after the event and let you know how I did. If I finish last I will throw myself a party.

What life lessons are being revealed to you in this chapter of your life?

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1 Response to Freedom to Finish Last

  1. MaryAnn Rice says:

    Good luck on your competition. We who are not able to attend or participate will be cheering you on .Being first or number is great but I have learned that there is a time when you need to pass that on to the next generation so they can learn the responsibilities that go with #1. Power and position become less rewarding as I age. Peace, faith and independence are my goals.

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