Hedvig-Part One

This is a three part post in memory of a Senior Adult whom I visited eight years ago but the lessons learned continue to guide my life.

HEDVIG Written by Roselyn Staples October, 2003

I don’t know why it is that when I feel very tired I feel like going to visit Hedvig. Is it because she was born in Norway and being with her makes me feel less homesick; less removed from the Norwegian/American community in which I grew up and the world view that seems so natural to me? Is it because, at age 95, living alone in her apartment, her dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ is something I want to make real in my life? Is it because she knows that she is not far from heaven and that makes eternal values her values for today? Is it because when I asked her what I should do with Senior Adult ministry she said, “Tell them about Jesus.” Is it because, one day in her apartment, she pulled my face within six inches of hers and said, “Roselyn, you know that you wouldn’t have faith if God hadn’t given it to you.” I don’t know the answers to these questions but I know that today, I realized I had a couple of discretionary hours and I picked up the phone and called Hedvig.

 “Hello Hedvig, This is Roselyn. I am wondering what plans you have for this afternoon.”

“Oh, hello Roselyn, My plans for this afternoon are to do nothing special.”

“Would it be OK if I came to visit.”

“That would be wonderful.”

“Good, I will see you about 2 o’clock.”

“That will be good.”

I drove the relatively short distance to Hedvig’s apartment. The entry was locked but I easily found her name and buzzed the number that would let her know I was there. She, as usual, pushed the door release button for a very long time. I already felt welcome.

This story will be continued on Wednesday, but for now, reflect on who in your life makes you feel welcome. Share your thoughts with us.

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2 Responses to Hedvig-Part One

  1. MaryAnn Rice says:

    Your question on who makes you feel the most welcome leaves me with this answer. My little Boston Terrier, WInchester. No matter my mood, attitudes, or temperament, he is all excitement and wiggles when I return home. I have many friends and family that make me welcome too. But the response of this little creature of God and how good it makes you feel can help each of us in welcoming and including others in our lives. Friendship forever. MaryAnn

  2. JoAnn Lytle says:

    I too have certain people who I can always count on to cheer me up. Those are the angels God has put in my life. Love your stories. JoAnn

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