Prayer-the Start of our Day

by Shirlee Vandegrift

Lord God,

Every morning when we wake up, even before we get up, we should thank You for the night past and thank You for the day ahead. We are sorry for the times when we start the new day without You. We let our thoughts, our concerns, our anxieties, our plans take over our next hours, Where do Your plans fit in the time from morn ’til night? Where is the behavior You want followers to exhibit? Where is our obedience, our thoughtfulness, our compassion, our gratitude?

If we run ahead of You, do we miss the joy of following? Yes! If we run ahead of you, do we miss the comfort You freely give? Yes! If we start out without Your lead, will we ever experience the blessings You long to lavish upon us? No! Without Your lead, will we ever be able to introduce others to You? No!

Father, we are here at this time and in this place to make this the start of our day today. Thank You for the night past. Thank You for the day ahead. Thank You for Your Son, Jesus!


Taken from A Month of Sundays, A Devotional by Shrilee A. Vandegrift

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1 Response to Prayer-the Start of our Day

  1. Walter Winchowky Jr says:

    Thanks for the reminder Shirlee, Great wisdom and direction for us!!

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