Each Time Is a New Experience

I called Dottie when I learned that her husband was AGAIN being admitted to the VA hospital. I said I was sorry. Then I said, “It seems like it is just one thing after another for you.”

Her response was immediate and decisive. “Oh, no, I don’t think of it like that at all. It’s new each time.”

I felt both instructed and admonished. I have thought often of Dottie’s response and today had the opportunity to learn more about how she views her life.

She explained it to me, in a manner that evidenced her view as one she thought should be obvious to anyone. “I refuse to think of an event as repetitive. I see each time as new. It’s really the only way to live. I couldn’t stand to say, “‘O, that again.’” And, then, by way of confirming to herself that her perspective was valid she smiled and said, “It truly is different every time!”

I wonder if I could refresh my life by unwrapping the weariness of repetitive events and repackaging them into each time a new experience.

Would I be giving God room in my heart to reveal his creativity? Would I be giving myself room to grow?

What repetitive responses or events clutter your life? How would things be different if you chose to welcome each time as a new experience?

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1 Response to Each Time Is a New Experience

  1. Shirlee Vandegrift says:

    What a terrific lesson, taught by two of my personal favorite teachers. Roselyn and Dottie.

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