The Back Door Doesn’t Close

 Welcome to Senior Adult Ministry!

We want to be warm and friendly. We want to make the front door wide. We want to change the image of Senior from “a category to be avoided and denied” to “one where joy and pain fit in the same place, but joy overpowers.” 

It was exciting to hear from a county social worker that she and her colleagues stopped in at our fellowship meetings when they could just because it felt good to be with happy seniors! At least some of our front door desires are being granted.  

But, what about the back door? 

When I worked with Children’s Ministry most of the kids moved naturally to Middle School. Where do seniors go next?  

We try to listen to God as we design ministry. We try to create an environment that has a wide front door and a narrow back door. The challenge for evangelism is that the back door doesn’t close! 

Who is in your life that needs to be introduced to Jesus on this side of the back door?

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