A Tribute to My Husband

Since his stroke 8 years ago many of the things my husband, Virgil, did without a thought now require time, concentration and humility. Words can be elusive and repair of normal appliances or machinery is daunting. 

This can be illustrated by the old lawn mower that he was trying to keep breathing on life support. It was old when we bought it and it has increasingly become more unstable, unsafe and unfriendly. 

One of Virgil’s friends, who had been keeping an eye on him, asked if he could talk to me confidentially about the contraption being used to cut our lawn. He said he tried to steer Virgil into pulling the plug on this mower and buying another one.  This friend was seeking my input because Virgil was not responding to his concerns. Excuses like, “It can be repaired;” “A new one would be too expensive;” and “It’s good enough for me.” were taking priority. 

Because I believed this friend’s concern to be valid I contemplated what my role should be. I knew I wanted to respect my husband. I knew I wanted him to be protected from preventable risks.

 As I pondered this I recognized that when the decision to spend money is for something that primarily benefits himself, Virgil is radically frugal. But, if it is something that I want/need cost ceases to be a consideration. (What an amazing quality for a husband to demonstrate. What a picture of selfless love.)

I called Virgil’s friend and told him I had an idea. I said, “When you talk to Virgil about the lawn mower, tell him that it would be good to get one that your wife could handle that would be safe and easy for her. 

Immediately, Virgil decided to buy a new lawn mower. The one he picked is of exceptional quality. 

This reflection is written by a wife who is experiencing exceptional love, one that reflects the love of Jesus.

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4 Responses to A Tribute to My Husband

  1. Walter Winchowky Jr says:

    you continue to remind me how patient, strong, sensitive & wise God has pruned you to be! Nice re-direction!

  2. Nyle Kardatzke says:

    Hi, Roselyn,

    I’m new to the blog world. See if you get this and if it’s the right way to respond. I liked your story about Virgil and the lawn mower. I hope you went for a nice riding mower!


    • Roselyn Staples says:

      Glad to see you here, Nyle. The lawn tractor is not only great, in itself, but the make that Dad and I knew was the only smart one to get. (It’s green with yellow writing). It was fun for me to be the first to start it running and recognize the sound which indicated the choke was where it needed to be. The kid in me came out to play.

  3. MaryAnn Rice says:

    I could get hooked on blogging once This senior mind gets the routine down on posting a blog .A tractor is a tractor no matter the size. As a country girl with no brothers, I enjoyed the privilege of being the family tomboy in the fields racking hay and straw with Dad’s little Ford Fergeson and hauling wagons and other loads with the Ford DIesel. Once a farm kid alwaysa farm kid at heart.


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