What Are You Counting Today?

We have a wonderful couple that has been faithful in our prayer group for years. Six months ago the man developed some health problems that needed to be attended either in the hospital or in-home medical care.

In the weeks that followed several from the group would bring an encouraging report of this friend’s progress. “He is getting better.” “It is healing slowly.” “They will be back soon.”

The optimistic report proved true except that when one thing got better another health challenge presented. So, for the past six months if it hasn’t been one thing it has been the next.

Being sick these days is a full time job. Life becomes making and keeping medical appointments. Last week, just when recovery seemed in sight another surgery became necessary.

I called Anne, the wife from this story, to tell her I miss them and how sorry I am for the long hard bump after bump road. She answered the phone with the lilting joyful voice I have known and loved for years. She seems to be almost laughing as she talks.

“Oh, we’re doing just great!!!” After 85 years of good health we now have caught up with 6 months of illness.”  “We are so blessed. All you have to do is look around those hospitals and you realize how blessed you are!”

When I asked if they would be back soon she said, “I hope so but we have another month of one doctor after another.” (More contagious laughing…)

Reflecting on this conversation I wonder what I am counting? Am I counting my blessings today or only lamenting my losses?

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