A Simple Plan

In John’s gospel Jesus talks to Peter about what will happen when Peter gets old. We can read these verses in John 21 and learn about God’s plan for Peter.  We can read these verses and be glad that it is improbable that we will be crucified upside down so that God can be glorified. But, we can also look for that which might apply to our lives today and seek God’s heart for what is important to Him.

This week I have found four steps that I want to practice in the days/weeks ahead.  Maybe you will try them, too, and let me know of your experience by responding to the “leave a comment” option at the end of this post.

Tell Jesus I Love Him

I can do this with words. I can sing him a song. I can read Him a Psalm. I can write Him a Psalm…

Feed His Sheep

I can visit my friend who is sick. I can pray prayers that “make God sweat.” I can ask someone to do an act of service. I can pay someone’s bill without telling them.  I can share my testimony…

Die to Anything He Can Use to Glorify Himself

I can let my losses happen. I can grieve, but not as those who have no hope. I can ask for and then embrace the grace to be diminished.

Follow Him

I can sit in His Presence each day and let Him direct my steps.  I can risk saying yes to things that terrify me because He has a habit of doing  through me what I could never do on my own. I can care for His creation. I can say, “Yes” before I hear the question…

What have you learned from God’s perspective on getting older? Have you found a simple plan?

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