When Do I Prepare for Aging?

My husband’s mother told him that he would get old if he didn’t die early. That brings a smile but is not, in itself, motivational for making some preparations for aging.

When is the right time to prepare for some of the changes aging brings?

 The answer is quite simple:

You NEED to do it before you NEED to do it because when you NEED to do it, it is too late and someone else will NEED to do it for you.

I remember hearing Dr. Vernon Grounds speak when he was 87 years old. His topic was “Aging is a diminishing experience.”  He talked about diminished energy, resources, family relationships, friendships, living arrangements and empowerment.

We move from the big house to the small house to the apartment to he nursing home and finally to the box.

Our relationship with Jesus enables us to superimpose an ultimate hope that expands as we take this journey. But the process needs to be deliberate and the timing never seems right.

What challenges are you facing? What decisions do you wish your parents would make? Share your stories with us.

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